Mr. John W. Crawford, Jr

Former Board Member

John W. Crawford, Jr.

Captain Jack Crawford served as a member of the Board from1989 - 1996. Prior to being sworn in on the Board, he was an Independent Technical Consultant under the Trust Agreement for the cleanup of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.

He began his Naval career during World War II serving in USS YORKTOWN, USS SANTEE, and USS BROOKLYN. Following his duty as Submarine Repair Superintendent at the Philadelphia Navel Shipyard, Crawford served in various assignments with the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). His responsibilities included providing guidance and direction to ensure that required safety, quality and reliability standards were incorporated in the planning and construction of naval nuclear power plants. He served under Admiral Rickover as Deputy Manager of Naval Reactors.

Following retirement from the Navy with the rank of Captain, Crawford returned to the Atomic Energy Commission (subsequently the Department of Energy) to begin a career in civilian nuclear technology. He held increasingly responsible positions culminating in being appointed Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy. In this position he carried out a comprehensive "post-TMI" assessment of the safety of DOE nuclear reactors, the widely publicized "Crawford Report". He retired from the DOE in 1981.

Captain Crawfor graduated from the Tilton School, attended Norwich University, and graduated with distinction from the United States Naval Academy (class of 1942). He earned two Masters Degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Naval Construction and Engineering, 1946, and Physics, 1950). He completed the curriculum at the Federal Executive Institute in 1968.