4 2012

Mr. Sean Sullivan - New Board Member

The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board is pleased to announce that Mr. Sean Sullivan of Ledyard, Connecticut has been named as its newest member. He was confirmed by Congress on August 2, 2012, for a term expiring October 18, 2015.

Mr. Sullivan is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, and served as a U.S. Navy submarine officer for twenty-six years before retiring at the grade of Captain in 2006. During his Navy career Mr. Sullivan was extensively involved in all aspects of operations, maintenance, and oversight of naval nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. He is a graduate of several technical courses, including a year of nuclear power training, as well as senior level training regarding the supervision and oversight of a naval nuclear propulsion system and nuclear weapons. In his various assignments he has performed and supervised nuclear propulsion plant and weapons radiation monitoring, contamination control, preventive maintenance and repair of naval nuclear propulsion plants and preventive maintenance of nuclear weapons systems. Additionally, he has extensive experience in personnel training and qualification programs in both the ship and shipyard environments.

Mr. Sullivan had several key U.S. Navy assignments, including executive officer of the ballistic missile submarine USS Maryland and commanding officer of the fast attack submarine USS Jefferson City. In his last Navy assignment, Mr. Sullivan served as commanding officer of the Naval Submarine Base New London where he provided leadership and oversight to base operations supporting eighteen nuclear powered submarines and approximately one hundred major facilities.

After leaving active duty, Mr. Sullivan practiced law as a civil litigation attorney for five years with the firm of Brown Jacobson, P.C. in Norwich, Connecticut in the areas of torts, employment law, land use, and municipal law. In 2011, Mr. Sullivan became a partner at Sonalysts, Inc. in Waterford, Connecticut where he provided direct support to the U.S. Navy Strategic Systems Programs Office for the next-generation ballistic missile submarine under development by the U.S Navy and the Royal Navy.

Mr. Sullivan earned a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering from the United States Naval Academy, a Master of Arts in National Security Affairs from the Naval War College and a law degree from the University of Connecticut. He is a member of the state bar of Connecticut. He served from 2009 to 2012 on the Ledyard Town Council.