24 2013

Steven A. Stokes Appointed Technical Director

Washington, DC – October 22, 2013: The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (Board) is pleased to announce that Steven A. Stokes has been named the Board’s Technical Director.

Board Member Staff Photo

Mr. Stokes’ professional experience includes 29 years of leadership and technical experience in Government service as a senior engineer at the Board and as an officer in the United States Navy.

Mr. Stokes came to the Board in October 1992. During his tenure, he held a series of positions with increasing responsibility and authority. After his initial appointment as a senior engineer, Mr. Stokes accepted the position as the Board’s Site Representative at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Hanford Site. After returning to headquarters, he continued to lead Board nuclear safety oversight efforts at Hanford. In keeping with his continued professional advancement at the Board, Mr. Stokes was appointed to be Group Lead for Nuclear Facility Design and Infrastructure, a Career Reserved position in the Senior Executive Service. In this capacity, he supervised all Board oversight activities related to DOE’s new nuclear facility design and construction projects.

Before accepting a position at the Board, Mr. Stokes served as a Senior Environmental Scientist for the Scientific Applications International Corporation where he worked as the lead contractor responsible for DOE’s waste management program in the western United States.

Mr. Stokes also had a distinguished career in the United States Navy managing environmental health, preventive medicine, and industrial hygiene programs in the United States and overseas. During his Navy service, he was given increasing managerial and professional responsibility due to his ability to successfully marshal resources to plan, direct, and implement, multi-faceted programs. Thus, he moved from serving as the head of Occupational Health/Preventive Medicine programs at naval air stations in the U.S. and abroad to leading the Occupational Health/Preventive Medicine Department at the Naval Medical Clinic, which serves more than 100 commands in the Naval District of Washington. At the time Mr. Stokes resigned from the Navy, he led the Environmental Programs Department at the prestigious National Naval Medical Center Bethesda.

Mr. Stokes holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from the University of Washington and a Master of Science in Environmental and Hydrologic Engineering from the University of Maryland. He also earned an MBA from The George Washington University.