Letters and Correspondence

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11/2/2006 Linton F. Brooks A. J. Eggenberger DOE Detailed Los Alamos Responses to Board Questions Raised about Los Alamos Nuclear Criticality Safety Program Letter application/pdf iconPDF
8/30/2007 Martin J. Schoenbauer A. J. Eggenberger DOE Provides an Update to a Previous Letter to the Board (March 27, 2006) Describing Progress Made in NNSA Closing Out Remaining Tasks Related to Historical Supplemental Directives from Field Elements Letter application/pdf iconPDF
11/1/2006 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE NNSA Review to Identify Standards to Fulfill Commitment from DOE July 25, 2006 Letter Letter application/pdf iconPDF
10/30/2006 David K. Garman A. J. Eggenberger DOE Central Technical Authority for Energy has Completed Commitment 2 in the 2004-1 Implementation Plan, Revision 2, Dated October 12, 2006 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
8/29/2007 Samuel W. Bodman A. J. Eggenberger DOE Revised Schedule for Implementation Plan 2004-1, Oversight of COmplex, High-Hazard Nuclear Operations, Commitment 5, Deliverable A for the Oversight Guide Letter application/pdf iconPDF
10/26/2006 Inés R. Triay A. J. Eggenberger DOE Notifies the Board that Commitment 119E in the Implementation Plan for Recommendation 2000-1, was Completed on October 20, 2006 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
10/25/2006 Glenn S. Podonsky A. J. Eggenberger DOE List of Potential Areas for Clarification or Improvement in DOE Standard 1027-92, CN 1 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
10/20/2006 Clay Sell A. J. Eggenberger DOE Response to Board Letter Dated June 28, 2006, Regarding the Nuclear Criticality Safety Program Letter application/pdf iconPDF
10/13/2006 Inés R. Triay A. J. Eggenberger Savannah River Operations Office has Completed its Final Commitment Associated with the Implementation Plan (IP) for Board Recommendation 2000-1 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
10/12/2006 Samuel W. Bodman A. J. Eggenberger DOE has Updated Its Implementation Plan to Improve Oversight of Nuclear Operations, Developed in Response to Board recommendation 2004-1 Letter application/pdf iconPDF