Letters and Correspondence

Signed From To Titlesort icon Type Download Notational Vote
12/14/1998 John T. Conway Ernest J. Moniz Board Establishes a 30-Day Reporting Requirement on Criteria for Packaging and Storing Uranium-233 Bearing Materials Letter application/pdf iconPDF
12/5/1995 John T. Conway Hazel R. O'Leary Board Establishes a 10-Day Reporting Requirement on the Status Report in Revising the Functions and Responsibilities (FAR) Manual in Relation to Implementation Plan 94-5 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
11/17/1998 John T. Conway Victor H. Reis Board Establishes 30-Day Reporting Requirements on Efforts to Startup Certain Classified Activities at LANL Letter application/pdf iconPDF
1/21/1999 John T. Conway Bill Richardson Board Establishes "The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Safety Leadership Award" Letter application/pdf iconPDF
1/31/1996 John T. Conway Thomas P. Grumbly Board Endorses Path Forward for the In-Tank Precipitation Facility at Savannah River Site Letter application/pdf iconPDF
3/7/2000 John T. Conway Bill Richardson Board Encourages the Department of Energy’s Support of Expanded Programs on Low Dose Radiation Letter application/pdf iconPDF
10/5/1994 Joseph DiNunno Tara O'Toole Board Enclosing Paper Prepared for the DOE's Workshop on Standards Initiatives in Environmental Management Letter application/pdf iconPDF
12/21/1994 John T. Conway Victor H. Reis Board Encloses Report on "Adherence to Safety Requirements and Conduct of Operations at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant, (Rec. 94-4)" Letter application/pdf iconPDF
2/17/2009 A. J. Eggenberger Steven Chu Board Encloses copy of Quarterly Report (No.7) to Congress on the Status of Significant Unresolved Issues with the DOE's Design and Construction Projects Letter application/pdf iconPDF
4/30/2001 DNFSB DOE Board Draft Public Meeting Agenda on Quality Assurance Scheduled for May 23, 2001 Letter application/pdf iconPDF