Pay Rates Explained

The DNFSB offers a competitive pay package that includes periodic increases based upon your job, location, cost of living, performance and other factors. Actual starting pay will be set according to the position, your experience level, and any special qualifications you possess.

Employees covered under the DN and GS pay schedules are eligible for locality pay. The 2016 cumulative locality rate for the Washington Metropolitan area (DC-MD-VA-WV-PA) is 24.78%.

Technical Staff Pay Schedule

2016 Basic Pay Rates

DN-I$36,565 – $61,075
DN-II$55,393 – $76,212
DN-III$67,976 – $98,414
DN-IV$86,837 – $134,874
DN-V$122,578 – $159,926
* This chart does not include the locality rate
for the Washington Metropolitan area
(DC-MD-VA-WV-PA), which is 24.78%.

For Technical Staff (DN)

Entry-level Engineers and Technical Staff pay levels range from DN-I to DN-V, and are called Pay Bands. Base Pay plus Locality Pay for employees covered under the DN pay schedule is limited to $170,400 - the rate for Level III of the Executive Schedule.

For General Schedule (GS) Employees

General Schedule (GS) staff pay levels or "grades" range from GS-1 to GS-15. Click here for more information about the General Schedule Staff Pay Schedule at

Pay Flexibilities

Agencies may pay as a lump sum recruitment bonuses for new employees. To receive a recruitment bonus, an employee must sign an agreement to complete a period of service with the agency–at least 12 months. This payment is not considered part of basic pay.