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Friday, May 24, 1996 DOE Response to Board Trip Report of December 15, 1995, Review of the Design Criteria for the Spent Nuclear Fuel Project's Canister Storage Building at Hanford Document
Monday, March 11, 1996 Hazards Analysis for the REBOUND Subcritical Experiment Document
Wednesday, March 06, 1996 Board Testimony at the FY 1997 Defense Authorization Hearing Regarding Health and Safety of the Public and the Workers throughout the Defense Nuclear Complex Document
Monday, November 20, 1995 Structural Review of the Proposed Canister Storage Building (CSB) at the Hanford Site Document
Thursday, November 09, 1995 Board Forwards DNFSB/TECH-7 Report of the Stabilization of Deteriorating Mark 16 and Mark 22 Aluminum-Alloy Spent Nuclear Fuel at the Savannah River Document
Friday, November 03, 1995 Y-12 Plant: Staff Observations of Department of Energy (DOE) and Lockheed Martin Energy Systems' (LMES) Preparations for Receipt, Storage, and Shipment Restart Document
Friday, May 05, 1995 Integrity of Uranium Hexafluoride Cylinders Document
Tuesday, May 02, 1995 Fuel Transfers and the New Waste Calcining Facility, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho Chemical Processing Plant, Report of Site Visit, March 28-30, 1995 Document
Monday, January 23, 1995 Savannah River Site Spent Fuel Storage Trip Report, January 3-6, 1995 Document
Tuesday, January 17, 1995 Savannah River Site (SRS) - In-Tank Precipitation (ITP) Order Compliance Review (November 30-December 2, 1994) Document