DOE Defense Nuclear Facilities

All Defense Nuclear Facilities fall under the ownership and jurisdiction of the Department of Energy. Click the site names below to see detailed descriptions.

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Sandia National Laboratories

Vital Stats

LocationAlbuquerque, New Mexico
WebsiteSandia National Laboratories
Primary FunctionEnsuring the U.S. nuclear arsenal is safe, secure, and reliable through six mission areas: nuclear weapons; nonproliferation; homeland security and defense; energy and infrastructure assurance; defense systems and assurance; and science, technology, and engineering.
Ongoing OperationsDevelopment of testing requirements and qualification testing of nuclear weapons components and systems in radiation environments using the Annular Core Research Reactor and the Gamma Irradiation Facility; reactor safety studies, development of fuels for special purpose reactors, and isotope production; repackaging of radiological waste for offsite shipment and disposal.
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Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM) – SNL facilities are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Livermore, California. Major defense nuclear facilities at Sandia are located in Technical Area V at the New Mexico site, including the Annular Core Research Reactor, Auxiliary Hot Cell Facility, Gamma Irradiation Facility, and Sandia Pulsed Reactor Facility. The Sandia Pulsed Reactor is no longer in operation; however, the facility is now used for smaller scale criticality experiments.