DOE Defense Nuclear Facilities

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  • Fernald Closure Project

    Vital Stats

    Location18 miles northwest of Cincinnati, Ohio
    WebsiteFernald Closure Project
    Primary FunctionFormer Uranium processing plant
    Ongoing OperationsNone.
    StatusClosure Project
    Fernald Closure Project Aerial Photo

    Fernald (Harrison, OH) - The Fernald Preserve is located on the site of the former Feed Materials Production Center, a uranium processing facility that produced high-purity uranium metal products as the first step in America’s nuclear weapons production cycle. The site’s production mission began in 1951 and continued until 1989, when production operations ceased and Fernald’s mission changed to environmental remediation. The comprehensive environmental remediation and ecological restoration of the site was completed in 2006. Currently the site is under observation to ensure remediation efforts remain effective, and is open as a nature preserve.