Letters and Correspondence

Signed From Tosort icon Title Type Download Notational Vote
12/24/2012 Peter S. Winokur Steven Chu Report to Congress on the Status of Significant Unresolved Technical Differences between the Board and the Department of Energy on Issues Concerning the Design and Construction of DOE’s Defense Nuclear Facilities Report to Congress application/pdf iconPDF
8/14/2001 John T. Conway Steven V. Cary Recommendation 2000-2, Configuration Management, Vital Safety Systems Pilot Phase II Assessment of Confinement Ventilation Systems at the Savannah River Site (SRS) and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Staff Issue Report application/pdf iconPDF
6/4/1997 Federico Peña Strom Thurmond DOE re: FY1997 National Defense Authorization Act Letter application/pdf iconPDF
9/11/2008 Dae Y. Chung T. J. Dwyer DOE Office of River Protection Review of the Authorization Basis Amendment Request Regarding Final Filter Fire Protection Design Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/30/2000 John T. Conway T. J. Glauthier Board Requests Briefing on DOE Response to Federal Technical Capability Panel Independent Assessment Report and the Annual Report to the Secretary of Energy on the Status of Federal Technical Capability Letter application/pdf iconPDF
7/10/2000 John T. Conway T. J. Glauthier Implementation of Integrated Safety Management throughout DOE Complex Letter application/pdf iconPDF
8/29/2000 John T. Conway T. J. Glauthier Notice of Board Receipt of DOE Final Version of DOE-STD-3028-2000, Criteria for Packaging and Storing Uranium-233 Bearing Materials; Oak Ridge Building 3019 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
10/23/2000 John T. Conway T. J. Glauthier Board Review of the Report, "Department of Energy Quality Assurance for Safety-Related Software at the Defense Nuclear Facilities" Letter application/pdf iconPDF
1/14/2000 John T. Conway T. J. Glauthier Board Commends DOE Rocky Flats Field Office in Citing its Contractor for Inadequate Implementation of Safety Technical Requirements and Operational Safety Requirements Letter application/pdf iconPDF
12/6/1999 John T. Conway T. J. Glauthier Board Acceptance of the Proposed Revisions to DOE's Long-Term Plutonium Storage Standard, DOE-STD-3013-99, Stabilization, Packaging, and Storage of Plutonium-Bearing Materials Letter application/pdf iconPDF