Letters and Correspondence

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6/1/2006 Admiral K. H. Donald A. J. Eggenberger Naval Nuclear Reactors Latest Reports on Environmental Monitoring and Radiological Waste Disposal, Worker Radiation Exposure, and Occupational Safety and Health Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/18/2006 C. Russell H. Shearer A. J. Eggenberger DOE Response to Board Letter of April 24, 2006, Regarding the Methodology for Determining Repackaging Needs and Prioritization of Repacking Nuclear Materials Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/15/2006 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE Letter Regarding the Los Alamos National Laboratory Fire Protection Program Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/9/2006 C. Russell H. Shearer A. J. Eggenberger DOE will Conduct a Focused Review of the Savannah River Operations Office Activities Regarding Interpretation and Application of Nuclear Safety Definitions Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/9/2006 David K. Garman A. J. Eggenberger DOE Update on the Energy, Science and Environment (ESE) portion of Commitment 2 in the 2004-1 implementation Plan Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/5/2006 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE Uranium Processing Facility and Facility Risk Review for Continued Safe Operation of the 9212 Complex at Y-12 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
4/26/2006 Linton F. Brooks A. J. Eggenberger DOE Device Assembly Facility Safety Basis Implementation Plan Letter application/pdf iconPDF
4/4/2007 Inés R. Triay A. J. Eggenberger DOE Forwards the Office of Envirnomental Management Self-Assessment Report, Completing Commitment 9C in the 2004-1 Implementation Plan, Oversight of Complex, High-Hazard Nuclear Operations Letter application/pdf iconPDF
4/10/2006 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE National Nuclear Security Administration has Approved the Enclosed Los Alamos Site Office Functions, Responsibilities, and Authorities Manual of March 2006 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
4/4/2006 Inés R. Triay A. J. Eggenberger DOE Plan for Returning the Savannah River Site's Tank 48 to Active Waste Service and a Technical Report on the Proposed Allowable Organic Residuals in the Tank Letter application/pdf iconPDF