Letters and Correspondence

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7/11/2006 Samuel W. Bodman A. J. Eggenberger DOE Revised Implementation Plan for Recommendation 2001-1, DOE Plan of Action to Re-Assess Savannah River Site's High Level Waste Management Strategy Letter application/pdf iconPDF
7/11/2006 William S. Goodrum A. J. Eggenberger DOE Actions to Revise and Update the Nuclear Explosive Safety Directives Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/28/2006 Roy J. Schepens A. J. Eggenberger DOE Office of River Protection Providing Status and Path Forward for the Seismic Ground Motion Issue at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant, Hanford Site Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/28/2006 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE Status of Flood Mitigation Measures and Flood Retention Structure at TA-18, Los Alamos Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/28/2006 Samuel W. Bodman A. J. Eggenberger DOE Letter Regarding Implementation of DOE Order and Policy 226.1, Implementation of DOE Oversight Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/14/2006 James A. Rispoli A. J. Eggenberger DOE Letter Regarding Activity-Level Work Planning and Control Implementation Issues by Fluor Hanford at Richland Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/8/2006 C. Russell H. Shearer A. J. Eggenberger DOE Response to Board Letter Dated May 1, 2006, Regarding Draft DOE M441.1-1, Nuclear Material Packaging Manual Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/8/2006 Inés R. Triay A. J. Eggenberger DOE Notification that the Oak Ridge Office Quality Assurance Program Plan Update has been Concurred on by the Office of Environmental Management and Approved by the Office of Science Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/2/2006 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE Response to Board Letter of March 27, 2006, Regarding Review of the Criticality Experiments Facility (CEF) Project Design Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/1/2006 Admiral K. H. Donald A. J. Eggenberger Naval Nuclear Reactors Latest Reports on Environmental Monitoring and Radiological Waste Disposal, Worker Radiation Exposure, and Occupational Safety and Health Letter application/pdf iconPDF