Letters and Correspondence

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10/2/2012 Thomas L. Beehan Peter S. Winokur Letter for the record Letter application/pdf iconPDF
12/10/2013 Thomas L. Beehan DNFSB Letter on behalf of the City of Oak Ridge Letter application/pdf iconPDF
3/5/2009 Thomas P. D' Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE Response to Board Letter of December 16, 2008, Documenting Concerns on Disposition of Findings Resulting from Nuclear Explosive Safety Studies and NES Change Evaluations Letter application/pdf iconPDF
9/2/2009 Thomas P. D'Agostino John E. Mansfield Independent Review of Savannah River Site Waste Solidification Building DNFSB 2004-2 Active Confinement Evaluation Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/16/2009 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE Forwards the Final "PF-4 Ventilation System Evaluation" Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/18/2009 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE Letter Identifying Actions to Improve the Storage of Pu-238 at LANL; Encloses April 27, 2009 Letter Letter application/pdf iconPDF
4/22/2009 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger NNSA Progress Report on the Implementation of DOE O 210.2, DOE Corporate Operating Experience Program, for Calendar Year 2008 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
9/30/2008 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE letter Reporting Completion of Recommendation 98-2, Revised Implementation Plan for Accelerating Safety Management Improvements at the Pantex Plant Letter application/pdf iconPDF
9/22/2008 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE Letter Responding to the Board's Correspondence Dated June 25, 2008, Concerning the Structural and Geotechnical Design of the Waste Solidification Building at the Savannah River Site Letter application/pdf iconPDF
3/28/2008 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE Request that the Board Provide a Narrow Technical Review of the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility Aqueous Processing Design with Respect to Whether the Intent of the Findings and Recommendations of DNFSB/TECH-33 have been Adequately Incorporated Letter application/pdf iconPDF