Letters and Correspondence

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7/31/1996 Alvin A. Alm John T. Conway DOE Task Initiative VI.B.2.b.2 Deliverable, "Revised Interim Policy on Regulatory Structure for Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management and Disposal" for the 94-2 Implementation Plan" Letter application/pdf iconPDF
4/8/1999 Allison K. Wright Steven A. Stokes DOE Listing of Assessments Performed for Hanford Site Activities by Richland During the First Quarter of CY1999 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
12/10/2013 Alliance for Nuclear Accountability DNFSB Letter concerning the Y-12 National Security Complex Letter application/pdf iconPDF
7/16/2011 Allen Fridlund DNFSB PUBLIC COMMENT ON RECOMMENDATION 2011-1 - 071611 email from Allen Fridlund Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/26/2004 Alan Dobson Bruce Matthews BNFL Inc. Ventilation Systems at the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project at Idaho Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/28/1993 Ajit K. Gwal G. W. Cunningham Y-12 - Electrical Systems Trip Report Staff Issue Report application/pdf iconPDF
6/1/2006 Admiral K. H. Donald A. J. Eggenberger Naval Nuclear Reactors Latest Reports on Environmental Monitoring and Radiological Waste Disposal, Worker Radiation Exposure, and Occupational Safety and Health Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/19/2006 A.J.Eggenberger Linton Brooks Plans for Staging, Assessing, and Disposition of a Damaged Nuclear Weapon or Improvised Nuclear Device at the G-Tunnel at NTS Letter application/pdf iconPDF
11/22/2005 A.J.Eggenberger Samuel W. Bodman Acceptance of DOE Request to Close Recommendation 2002-2, Weapons Laboratory Support of the Defense Nuclear Complex Letter application/pdf iconPDF
9/14/2005 A.J.Eggenberger J.Clay Sell Requirements for New Nuclear Facilities and Major Modifications Staff Issue Report application/pdf iconPDF