Letters and Correspondence

Signed Fromsort icon To Title Type Download Notational Vote
7/29/2005 A. J. Eggenberger Linton Brooks Board Establishing a 60-Day Reporting Requirement Regarding NNSA Policy System Letter application/pdf iconPDF
7/25/2005 A. J. Eggenberger Kirkland H. Donald Board Commending Admiral Kikland H. Donald, Deputy Administrator for Naval Reactors of the NNSA and the Naval Reactors' Program for their Superior Performance Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/10/2005 A. J. Eggenberger Mark B. Whitaker Jr. Board Letter Forwarding Its Second Annual Report to Congress on Plutonium Storage at the DOEs Savannah River Site Letter application/pdf iconPDF
6/1/2005 A. J. Eggenberger Charles E. Anderson Board Establishing a 90-Day Reporting Requirement Regarding High-Level Waste Tank Integrity Program for Double-Shell Tanks (DSTs) at the Hanford Site Letter application/pdf iconPDF
8/12/1994 A. J. Eggenberger Hazel R. O'Leary Board re: Status of Overdue Commitments for the 91-6 Implementation Plan Letter application/pdf iconPDF
9/10/1993 A. J. Eggenberger Thomas P. Grumbly Board Forwards Staff Trip Report on Operations Issues at the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant Letter application/pdf iconPDF
9/10/1993 A. J. Eggenberger Victor H. Reis Board Forwards Staff Trip Report on Plutonium Processing at Los Alamos National Laboratory for the Cassini Project Letter application/pdf iconPDF
7/30/2009 A. J. Eggenberger Steven Chu Risk Assessment Methodologies at Defense Nuclear Facilities Recommendation application/pdf iconPDF
12/7/2007 A. J. Eggenberger Samuel W. Bodman Safety-Related In Situ Nondestructive Assay of Radioactive Materials Recommendation application/pdf iconPDF
2/28/2007 A. J. Eggenberger Congress of the United States Seventeenth Annual Report to Congress Report to Congress application/pdf iconPDF