Letters and Correspondence

Signed From To Titlesort icon Type Download Notational Vote
6/8/1990 John T. Conway James D. Watkins Board Forwards an Advance Copy of Its Executive Summary Letter application/pdf iconPDF
3/28/1995 John T. Conway Thomas P. Grumbly Board Forwards Agreement with the Draft EIS Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/5/1995 John T. Conway Victor H. Reis Board Forwards a Trip Report on SRS Tritium Facilities March 13-15, 1995 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
7/27/1995 John W. Crawford, Jr. Hazel R. O'Leary Board Forwards a Statement Given by Board Member John Crawford before the Academic Education Committee Letter application/pdf iconPDF
11/1/1990 John T. Conway Victor Stello, Jr. Board Forwards a Report Regarding Radiological Protection for the K Reactor Area of the Savannah River Site. See Report Dated October 31, 1990 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
11/27/1998 John T. Conway Bill Richardson Board Forwards a Report Addressing Sixteen Specific Items in Accordance with the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1998 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
11/1/1990 John T. Conway Victor Stello, Jr. Board Forwards (2) Reports Regarding "Fire Protection and Station Blackout Features of the Savannah River Reactors." See Reports Dated October 30, 1990 and October 1, 1990, Respectively Letter application/pdf iconPDF
11/18/1997 John T. Conway Alvin A. Alm Board Forwarding Technical Report DNFSB/TECH-17, Review of the Hanford Spent Nuclear Fuel Project (Recommendation 94-1) Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/20/2011 Peter S. Winokur Steven Chu Board Finds that the February 10, 2011, DOE Response Rejects sub-Recommendations 3 and 4, and Hearby Reaffirms Recommendation 2010-2 in its Entirety Letter application/pdf iconPDF
11/21/2006 A. J. Eggenberger Samuel W. Bodman Board Finds October 12, 2006, Implementation Plan to be Responsive to Recommendation 2004-1; Board Closes Recommendation 95-2 Letter application/pdf iconPDF