Letters and Correspondence

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5/15/2008 Robert L. Smolen A. J. Eggenberger DOE Overall Approach for the Selection of Accident Analysis Factors Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/9/2008 Jeffrey M. Allison A. J. Eggenberger DOE has Completed Commitments 2.10 and 2.13 of the Implementation Plan for Recommendation 2001-1, High-Level Waste Management at the Savannah River Site Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/8/2008 Glenn S. Podonsky A. J. Eggenberger DOE Request for an Additional 60 days to Provide a Report on Actions to Correct the Increased High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter Testing Failure Rates at the Filter Test Facility Letter application/pdf iconPDF
5/6/2008 Robert L. Smolen A. J. Eggenberger DOE Identification of Actions Taken to Improve the Integration of Safety into the Design of the Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility at Los Alamos Letter application/pdf iconPDF
4/29/2008 Robert L. Smolen A. J. Eggenberger DOE Notification to the Board that Responsibility for Nuclear Safety Research and Development has been Transferred to Dr. Kevin Greenaugh Letter application/pdf iconPDF
4/17/2008 Glenn S. Podonsky A. J. Eggenberger DOE Report on Schedule for Updating Directives Impacted by DOE Standard 1189 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
4/2/2008 Robert L. Smolen A. J. Eggenberger DOE Transmittal of 9212 Continued Safe Operating Oversight Team Annual Report (Y/TIS-302) and The Uranium Processing Facility Project 2007 Annual Report for the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Letter application/pdf iconPDF
3/28/2008 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE Request that the Board Provide a Narrow Technical Review of the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility Aqueous Processing Design with Respect to Whether the Intent of the Findings and Recommendations of DNFSB/TECH-33 have been Adequately Incorporated Letter application/pdf iconPDF
3/25/2008 Thomas P. D'Agostino A. J. Eggenberger DOE Response to Board's October 26, 2007 Letter, Concerning the Safety Rationale for Continuing the Operation of the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Building at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Letter application/pdf iconPDF
3/19/2008 Samuel W. Bodman A. J. Eggenberger DOE Acknowledges Receipt of the Board's Recommendation 2008-1, Safety Classification of Fire Protection Systems, issued on January 29,2008. Letter application/pdf iconPDF