Recommendation 1996-1 Closed

In·Tank Precipitation System at the Savannah River Site

Calendar Information

Wednesday, August 14th, 1996Date Recommendation Delivered to DOE
Friday, August 23rd, 1996Date Recommendation Printed in Federal Register
Monday, September 23rd, 1996Due Date for Public Comment on Recommendation
Monday, October 7th, 1996Due Date for DOE Response
Wednesday, September 18th, 1996Date DOE Response Received
Tuesday, December 17th, 1996Date DOE Response Printed in Federal Register
Wednesday, November 6th, 1996Due Date for Public Comment on DOE Response
Monday, January 6th, 1997Due Date for DOE Implementation Plan
Tuesday, November 12th, 1996Date DOE Implementation Plan Received
Monday, January 6th, 1997Date of DOE Implementation Plan Approval
Friday, March 29th, 2002Date Recommendation Closed