Letters and Correspondence

Signed From To Title Type Download Notational Vote
3/19/2014 Glenn S. Podonsky Peter S. Winokur DOE Report and Plan for the Independent Oversight Evaluation of Line Self-Assessments of Safety Conscious Work Environment for Action 2-7 in DOE's Implementation Plan (IP) for Board Recommendation 2011-1 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
3/19/2014 Kevin W. Smith Peter S. Winokur DOE Office of River Protection Transmittal of Board Recommendation 2012-2 Implementation Plan Deliverable for Action 4-2 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
3/12/2014 Peter S. Winokur Ernest J. Moniz Board Advises DOE to thoroughly Evaluate the Safety Controls and Contingency Plans Necessary to Maintain Confinement to Ensure Adequate Protection of the Workers and Public Letter application/pdf iconPDF
3/6/2014 Glenn S. Podonsky Peter S. Winokur DOE's Nuclear Safety Research and Development (NSR&D) Status Report Completing Commitments 7 and 8 in the Implementation Plan (IP) for Recommendation 2004-1, Oversight of Complex, High-Hazard Nuclear Operations Letter application/pdf iconPDF
3/6/2014 Peter S. Winokur Congress Twenty-Fourth Annual Report to Congress Report to Congress application/pdf iconPDF
2/19/2014 David Huizenga Peter S. Winokur DOE Acknowledges Board November 1, 2013, Letter and Review of DOE Hanford Tank 241-AY-102 Analysis Letter application/pdf iconPDF
2/14/2014 David M. Klaus Peter S. Winokur DOE Status and Effectiveness Assessment of Actions to Improve Work Planning and Control (WP&C) Letter application/pdf iconPDF
2/11/2014 James J. McConnell Peter S. Winokur DOE Response to October 23, 2013, Board Correspondence Concerning the Annual Reporting Requirement for the DOE's Nuclear Criticality Safety Program Letter application/pdf iconPDF
2/5/2014 Matthew Moury Peter S. Winokur DOE Response to Board October 23, 2013, Letter Detailing the Program Secretarial Officer's Assessment of the Metrics Used in Performing Line Oversight of Criticality Safety Programs Letter application/pdf iconPDF
1/28/2014 Peter S. Winokur Ernest Moniz Board Closes Recommendation 2010-2, Pulse Jet Mixing at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) Letter application/pdf iconPDF