Letters and Correspondence

Signed From To Title Type Download Notational Vote
2/11/2015 Mark Whitney Jessie H. Roberson DOE letter responding to 10/23/2014 Board letter requesting a written response outlining DOE's intent and plan to incorporate the updated Hanford volcanic ashfall hazard assessment into the WTP design and nuclear facility safety basis.. Letter application/pdf iconPDF
2/4/2015 Jessie H. Roberson Steven C. Erhart Structural Evaluations of the 9215 Complex and Building 9204-2E at the Y-12 National Security Complex Staff Issue Report application/pdf iconPDF
2/2/2015 David C. Moody Jessie H. Roberson DOE Transmittal of Board Recommendation 2012-1 Implementation Plan Action 2c-3 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
2/2/2015 Jessie H. Roberson Mark Whitney Waste Treatment Plant (WTP) Seismic Staff Issue Report application/pdf iconPDF
1/21/2015 Jessie H. Roberson Mark Whitney Hydrogen Control Strategy for High-Level Waste Facility Letter application/pdf iconPDF
1/15/2015 Glenn S. Podonsky Ms. Jessie Hill Roberson DOE transmittal of Board Recommendation 2010-1 Implementation Plan Deliverable 6.4.1. Letter application/pdf iconPDF
12/31/2014 David C. Moody Peter S. Winokur DOE transmittal of the DOE Recommendation 2012-1 Implementation Plan (IP) for Fiscal Year 2014 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
12/29/2014 Ernest J. Moniz Peter S. Winokur DOE letter delivering DOE report "Federal Safety Oversight Capability and Criteria for Oversight of High-Hazard Nuclear Facilities." Letter application/pdf iconPDF
12/19/2014 Ernest J. Moniz Peter S. Winokur DOE letter providing status for Action 1-6 of the Implementation Plan for Recommendation 2011-1, Safety Culture at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant. Letter application/pdf iconPDF
12/17/2014 Peter S. Winokur Ernest J. Moniz PF-4 Alternate Seismic Analysis Letter application/pdf iconPDF