Letters and Correspondence

Signed From To Title Type Download Notational Vote
9/21/2015 Joyce L. Connery Frank G. Klotz Opportunities for Risk Reduction at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Plutonium Facility through the Minimization of Material-at-Risk Technical Report application/pdf iconPDF
9/11/2015 Geoffrey L. Beausoleil Joyce L. Connery DOE response to 062515 Board letter requesting a better understanding of the UPF CVS design and performance in a post-seismic condition.. Letter application/pdf iconPDF
8/31/2015 Joyce L. Connery Matthew Moury Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) Letter application/pdf iconPDF
8/21/2015 Joyce L. Connery Monica Regalbuto STP Site Boundary Letter application/pdf iconPDF
8/21/2015 Joyce L. Connery Monica Regalbuto Review of the Sludge Treatment Project Preliminary Documented Safety Analysis Hydrogen Hazards Staff Issue Report application/pdf iconPDF
8/21/2015 Richard H. Lagdon, Jr. Joyce L. Connery DOE letter documenting the completion of the project to address the technical and software quality assurance concerns with the computer program, System for Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction (SASSI).. Letter application/pdf iconPDF
8/19/2015 Deborah A. Wilber Jessie H. Roberson DOE National Nuclear Security Administration Transmittal of Board Recommendation 2014-1 Implementation Plan Deliverable related to Section 6.2.3 Letter application/pdf iconPDF
8/18/2015 James J. McConnell Joyce L. Connery DOE letter informing the Board of the next steps to improve the seismic performance of the Plutonium Facility (PF-4) at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Letter application/pdf iconPDF
8/17/2015 Ernest J. Moniz Joyce L. Connery Secretary Moniz Letter Congratulating Chairman Connery and Designating Matt Moury as Senior Secretarial Liaison to the Board Letter application/pdf iconPDF
8/10/2015 Jessie H. Roberson Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall Radcalc Safety Calculation Results Letter application/pdf iconPDF