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December 15, 2006 Thanks and Appreciation to Michael Reaka for Six Years of Dedicated Service as the Pantex Site Office's Liaison to the Board Letter PDF iconPDF
August 16, 2006 Board Issues a Reporting Requirement for a Briefing within 30 Days on NNSA's Path Forward to Fulfill Commitment 4.2.2 of the Implementation Plan for Recommendation 98-2 Letter PDF iconPDF
August 9, 2006 Potential Safety Issues in Evaluation of Exemption Request for W88 Cell Operations at Pantex Letter PDF iconPDF
January 26, 2006 DOE Path Forward for Guidance to Evaluate and Document Weapon Responses Relative to Commitment 4.2.2 in Revision 1 of the 98-2 Implementation Plan Letter PDF iconPDF
December 14, 2005 Board Issues a Reporting Requirement for a Report within 30 Days Providing a Path Forward for Required Guidance on Technical Business Practice Letter PDF iconPDF
November 30, 2005 DOE Regards NNSA Readiness Review Validations of On-Site Transportation Technical Safety Requirements Letter PDF iconPDF
October 28, 2005 DOE Forwards the Quarterly Report for the 98-2 Implementation Plan for the Period July 1 through September 30, 2005 Letter PDF iconPDF
September 9, 2005 Board Issues a Reporting Requirement for Annual Briefing Coincident with the Annual Update for the Pantex Pit Management Plan and Accepts Final Report on Recommendation 99-1 Letter PDF iconPDF
June 23, 2005 Questions Raised Concerning Safety Issues and Procedures at Pantex Plant by Production Technicians Letter PDF iconPDF
May 2, 2005 Board Issues a Reporting Requirment for a Briefing within 30 Days on the NNSA's Path Forward to Improve Conduct of Operations at the Pantex Plant Letter PDF iconPDF