Find out how you can make a difference KEEPING TOMORROW SAFE TODAY.

Build a career that has a lasting impact and a career that you'll be proud of for the rest of your life.

DNFSB is committed to helping their employees reach their fullest potential while maintaining a work environment which encourages innovation, celebrates diversity, and focuses on exceptional performance.

Our vital safety mission requires us to recruit the best and brightest individuals from all disciplines. People just like you.

Whether you specialize in engineering, chemistry, physics, program management, administration, or recruitment, the DNFSB could be the place for you to make a difference.

The DNFSB provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities. Applicants requesting an accommodation should contact the Human Resources office at 1-800-788-4016 or 202-694-7000.


Professional Opportunities


Positions directly responsible for the delivery of the DNFSB core safety mission, such as General Engineer, Cognizant Engineer, Resident Inspector, and similar positions. All Engineering and Scientific positions require the ability to obtain and maintain a Q level (top secret) security clearance.

We are always looking for qualified candidates for technical positions! Interested candidates should send their resume to to receive further consideration.


Positions with primary responsibility for providing operational and functional support to the persons who deliver the DNFSB core mission, including IT Specialist, Budget Analyst, HR Specialist, Contract Specialist, Attorney, and similar positions.  Depending on the job responsibilities, business operation positions may require the ability to obtain and maintain a Q level (top secret) security clearance. 

Interested candidates should send their resume to to receive further consideration.

Technical Opportunities for Students

Start your Career while earning your Master's Degree

Candidates selected for the Professional Development Program are given the opportunity to earn a Master’s Degree while gaining professional experience that include four years of individually tailored developmental assignments, formal academic schooling, and an extensive "hands-on" field assignment. In return, employees complete a three-year service commitment, applying the critical skills and the knowledge base they've gained.

Internships for College Juniors and Seniors

The Summer Scholars Program offers summer internships to highly motivated, academically successful college juniors and seniors as well as recent undergraduate students entering a graduate degree program. Students selected to participate in the Summer Scholars Program receive competitive salaries, a technical mentor, structured technical work assignments, and may earn vacation and sick leave. For students pursuing a degree in a technical or engineering field, the DNFSB offers excellent opportunities to get some out-of-the-classroom experience in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Earthquake Engineering (Civil Engineering), Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, and other related fields.