Our Plans, Budgets and Performance

Meet our Chief Financial Officer, Doctor Omolola Fawole.
Dr. Omolola Fawole
Chief Financial Officer and
Director, Division of Budget and Finance

The Board uses an integrated process to plan, budget, and assess its performance. Three principal publications document this process:

  • Strategic Plan

  • Congressional Budget Justification and Annual Performance Report

  • Agency Financial Report

The Board's process aligns with and supports the Federal performance framework (see Performance.gov for details).

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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan focuses on a vison of the agency’s future that emphasizes technical excellence and allows for continuous improvement and nimble response to a challenging environment. For more information, please visit our Strategic Goals page.

Congressional Budget Justification and Annual Performance Report

Each year, the Board publishes its Congressional Budget Justification and Annual Performance Report. This publication describes the agency's programs in the performance plan, the budget estimates for these program activities, and the distribution of the budget. The performance report also includes goals and measures that gauge the agency's success in accomplishing its mission.

DNFSB FY 2025 Congressional Budget Justification and FY 2023 Annual Performance Report

Previous Congressional Budget Justification and Annual Performance Reports

Budget Certification Letter

The Board is required by section 3201(b) of the NDAA for fiscal year 2018 to certify that the requested budget is sufficient to carry out our mission.

Budget Certification Letters

Funding Authorization and Appropriation

The Board receives its funding authorization through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Please view Title XXXII of the NDAA for our current authorization.

National Defense Authorization Act, 2023

The Board receives its appropriation in the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA). Please view Title IV of the CAA for our current appropriation.

Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023

Lapse in Appropriation Plan

In the event of a lapse in appropriation, the Board will execute shut down procedures in accordance with our Lapse in Appropriation Plan.

Agency Financial Report

The Agency Financial Report (AFR) provides financial and accountability information for the fiscal year. This includes:

  • the Board's audited financial statements,

  • the results of an evaluation of management controls,

  • a report on the agency's success in achieving its strategic and performance goals,

  • the results of any significant assessments of program activities that were carried out during the reporting period, and

  • the Inspector General's most serious management challenges facing the agency and how the Board is addressing them.
DNFSB FY2023 Agency Financial Report

In fiscal year 2018, the Board began publishing the Agency Financial Report (AFR), which replaces the Performance and Accountability Report (PAR).

Previous AFRs and PARs