Nevada National Security Site

Image of two men working at the Nevada National Security Site

Nevada National Security Site (NV) – The NNSS (formerly the Nevada Test site) is an extensive outdoor laboratory and national experiment center located in southern Nevada, about 75 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Activities at the site include preparations for the disposition of damaged nuclear weapons, subcritical experiments, criticality experiments, emergency response training, and waste management. While underground testing has not been conducted in many years, the site is maintained in a state of readiness should testing be resumed.

75 miles outside
Las Vegas , NV
United States
37° 5' 48.0084" N, 116° 29' 27.9852" W
Nevada US
Primary Function
Support the nation's nuclear stockpile, including storage, assessment, disposal and testing, if it were to be resumed.
Ongoing Operations
Evaluation of sensor technologies, detection, characterization, and monitoring of nuclear weapons related activities, radiological emergency training, environmental restoration, groundwater characterization, and low-level radioactive waste management.