Safety Allegations

Report a Safety Concern

The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) Safety Allegations Program handles concerns raised by members of the public regarding safety at Department of Energy (DOE) defense nuclear facilities, including safety concerns raised by DOE federal employees and contractors. To report a safety concern, email Please include any relevant information regarding your concern.

DOE federal employees and contractors may also report safety concerns within DOE or its contractors. They have the primary responsibility for ensuring safe operations and are in the best position to address safety concerns directly and promptly.

Safety Allegations Program Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of safety concerns does the Safety Allegations Program review?
The Safety Allegations Program reviews concerns related to actual or potential unsafe conditions at DOE defense nuclear facilities. Defense nuclear facilities generally include facilities at DOE sites described on the "DOE Sites" page. DOE defense nuclear facilities generally involve nuclear hazards and are either connected to national security or used for waste storage. If you are unsure if the specific facility, activity, or operation you are concerned about is a defense nuclear facility, please write to

2. How do I contact DNFSB to report a nuclear safety concern?
You may contact any DNFSB employee or write to DNFSB at

3. What safety issues can DNFSB evaluate, and what is DNFSB’s process for addressing them?
DNFSB will evaluate all safety concerns within its jurisdiction, which generally encompasses radiological hazards at DOE defense nuclear facilities and non-radiological hazards with a potential to cause radiological hazards at such facilities. The safety concerns DNFSB evaluates include those involving design, construction, operation, maintenance, radiation protection, defense-in-depth, emergency preparedness, and a work environment’s receptivity to workers raising safety concerns. DNFSB may address such safety concerns by providing timely safety analysis, advice, and recommendations to the Secretary of Energy.

4. What if my concerns are not within the jurisdiction of DNFSB?
DNFSB cannot address concerns that are outside of its statutory purview. If you contact DNFSB with an issue that is outside of its statutory jurisdiction, DNFSB will refer your concern to the appropriate government agency.

5. If I raise a safety concern to DNFSB, do I have to provide my name?
No, an individual raising safety concerns to DNFSB is not required to provide their name. DNFSB performs the same type of safety review regardless of whether you provide your name. However, if you provide your name and contact information, we will be able to contact you to obtain additional information that may be required to properly review your safety concern(s). In addition, if you provide your name and contact information, it will allow us to notify you of the outcome of DNFSB’s review of your safety concern(s).

6. What if I don’t want my identity released?
It is DNFSB’s policy to protect the identities of individuals who report nuclear safety concerns to the extent possible and as required by law.

7. How specific should I be in the safety concern(s) that I raise to DNFSB?
You should provide as much specific information as possible for each safety concern you raise. The more specific the information, the better DNFSB will be able to focus its review effort. Also, safety concerns should be raised as soon after the event or occurrence as possible. The older an issue is, the more difficult it becomes to retrieve related documentation or for people familiar with the safety issue to remember specific circumstances.

8. What if I am being harassed, intimidated, or discriminated against for raising a safety concern?
If you are a DOE federal employee, you may contact the Office of Special Counsel, DOE Inspector General, and/or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Employees of DOE contractors may contact the DOE Inspector General or OSHA.

9. What if I have additional questions about the DNFSB safety allegation process?
If you have questions concerning the safety allegation process, you may write to