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September 10, 1999 DOE Commitment 5.6.1, Pantex Plant ISMSV Phase I Review Plan for the 98-2 Implementation Plan Letter PDF iconPDF
October 5, 1999 DOE Providing Detail on the Deliverables Due within the Month of September, Recommendation 98-2 Letter PDF iconPDF
October 12, 1999 DOE Acknowledging Receipt and Acceptance of the Board's Recommendation 99-1 Letter PDF iconPDF
October 15, 1999 Board Acknowledging Receipt of Deliverable 5.5.1(c) for Recommendation 98-2 Letter PDF iconPDF
November 4, 1999 DOE Deliverables Due for the Month of October for Recommendation 98-2 Letter PDF iconPDF
December 6, 1999 DOE Orders 452.1B and 452.2B, the Nuclear Explosive Safety Study Group Implementation Guidance and a Letter Requesting Assistance in Recruiting a Senior Panel to Enhance the Quality of Nuclear Explosive Operation Review Process Letter PDF iconPDF
December 6, 1999 Safe Handling of Insensitive High Explosive Weapon Subassemblies at the Pantex Plant Letter PDF iconPDF
December 10, 1999 DOE Revised DOE-STD-3015-97, Nuclear Explosive Safety Study Process, in Completion of Sub-Recommendation 5 of Recommendation 98-2, DOE Proposes Closure of this Sub-Recomendation Letter PDF iconPDF
December 16, 1999 DOE Revisions on the Operations Requirements Project Plan for the W76 and W88 Disassembly and Inspection at the Pantex Plant in Response to Board Letter Dated November 22, 1999 Letter PDF iconPDF
February 7, 2000 DOE Details on the Deliverables for Implementation Plan 98-2 Due During the Months of December and January Letter PDF iconPDF